Who Is Grillvana™?

Founded by dedicated, charcoal grilling enthusiasts, Grillvana™ operates under one guiding principle: To provide high quality, reasonably priced grilling accessories for those who share our passion for what we call “life on the coals.” Whether you are simply grilling for a casual family dinner or embarking on a “low and slow” adventure to create the most amazing and tantalizing barbecue, we at Grillvana™ share your spirit and strive to have our products enhance the experience that can only be had with a charcoal fire at the center of it all.   

Our Products

Our accessories are designed to add value and function to your kettle style grill and are made from the highest quality, ultra-heavy duty stainless steel to provide durability, corrosion protection and years of continuous use. Far superior to standard, nickel-plated steel products that are on the market today, Grillvana™ products provide a gourmet touch to your outdoor culinary experience.   

We Love to Hear From Our Customers!

We strive to provide the highest quality accessories and we’d love to hear from you! Think one of our products was amazing? Tell us! If you have suggestions for improvements, we want to hear from you as well. Of course, if there is product you would like to see us carry that you think would complement our line-up, we are open to all suggestions.